Why we are so special

Prodotti fatti a mano
Our delicious pasta represents Italy’s rich gastronomic traditions by using only the freshest ingredients and by kneading, cutting, filling and closing all of our pasta by hand. We believe that there is nothing better than having a sit-down meal that includes hand rolled pasta.
Rolling pasta out by hand means that the pasta isn’t perfectly smooth and shiny as it is when it is made by a machine; it has grooves that come from pressing down the wooden rolling pin onto a wooden pasta board. The grooves are what allow the sauce to stick to the pasta, creating a perfect harmony and a delicious meal every time.

Tradizione antica
In Bologna there is a saying that you know the pasta is thin enough when after holding it up, you can see the basilica of San Luca through it.
We produce pasta exclusively by hand for over 20 years, following the traditional method of using a rolling pin, resisting the temptation to use machinery and modern methods that would mean a cheaper product but poorer quality.
When you hand roll pasta, you can only use fresh and quality ingredients otherwise it would be very hard to work with it, it would not cook right and the taste wouldn’t be the same. Machines don’t care what you put inside, they press and knead anything therefore it would be “easy” to cheat the tradition of quality.
Rolling out the perfect pasta sheet is a learned art, handed down from generation to generation, taught at a very early age. The pasta takes on a shape and life of its own every time it is rolled out, reflecting the love and technique by the individual pasta maker.
We offer many different kinds of pasta that represent the tradition of hand rolled pasta over the years. Some examples of our pasta types are:

Bolognese Lasagne
Zuppa Imperiale
Spinach Tagliatelle
Spaghetti alla Chitarra