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Tortelloni Squash filling

Pasta: All Purpose Flour, pasteurised eggs. Filling: Squash, Parmesan Cheese, Potato Flakes, Salt, nutmeg. Store between 0°-4° celsius. The product must be eaten after cooking


Tortelloni are a rich stuffed pasta with origins from Northern Italy. They have a similar shape to tortellini but they are larger and are closed differently. Traditionally, tortelloni are stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese and parsley. Other common fillings of this pasta include squash or potatoes. The quality of the filling is what makes the difference with this pasta. The best way to serve tortelloni are with melted butter and sage leaves or with a tomato sauce. Since they are one of the few dishes in Northern Italy without meat, Tortelloni are an ideal dish for Christmas eve or for vegetarians.

“Energy Content: 241 Kcal
Energy Content: 1014 kJ
Total Fat: 9g/100g
Saturated Fatty acids: 4g/100g
Carbohydrates: 28g/100g
Sugar: 3g/100g
Protein: 13g/100g
Salt: 0.7g/100”

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