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All Purpose flour, pasteurised eggs. Store between 0°-4° celsius. The product must be eaten after cooking.


Garganelli are a type of striped egg pasta typical of Romagna. They are obtained by rolling a small strip of pasta around a stick that is pressed on a comb or “rigagnocchi” and their appearance is similar to penne. Legend says that a cardinal’s cook was preparing stuffed pasta for a lunch for many diners and she noticed that someone had eaten the filling. Without losing heart, she detached a comb from the frame of the house and, with the help of a thin rod, began to roll the squares of dough onto themselves. The garganelli were then cooked in capon broth, and served to diners with great success. Today they are not served in broth, but with a rich sausage or ham sauce or with a vegetable sauce.


“Energy Content: 310 Kcal
Energy Content: 1310 kJ
Total Fat: 4g/100g
Saturated Fatty acids: 1g/100g
Carbohydrates: 56g/100g
Sugar: 1g/100g
Protein: 13g/100g
Salt: 0.1g/100”

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