It all started from our passion for good food and our traditions. We have worked up and the result was a cooking school where we try to transfer our enthusiasm and our culture.
The excellent knowledge of Italian products, particularly those in our area, is one of our trademarks. Another is certainly the historical knowledge of our gastronomic roots that goes far beyond the usual cliches about Italian food traditions.


On Via San Felice, 116/G (at the end of the coutyard on the right) in a picturesque court of old buildings where, since 60’ there were a bakehouse, in the last ten years there  were “Amici di Babette-cooking school” (where Barbara Zaccagni and Valeria Hensemberger get started), now there is “Il Salotto di Penelope”. We are trained gourmets and founded the school on February 2012.
The professional kitchen is large and beautiful, a perfect location for classes and evening events. The classes are planned every day and by topic, such as pasta, risotto, meat or fish, desserts or appetizers . We explore all Italian food, but we focus on Bolognese and Northern cuisine. Also the prestigious organization Slow Food collaborates with “Il Salotto di Penelope” for evenings and master classes.
We organize catering for companies and private, can offer a chef at your home.
Besides these evening events, in the morning foreign students can really improve their knowledge of Italian and Bolognese cuisine here with classes that last 3 hours, where they are provided with the recipe text (with ingredients and preparation) in English.